Dorze Tibeb Bracelet - 14K Gold Plated

$154.00 USD $175.00 USD



  • 14K real gold plated on recycled brass 
  • Adjustable bracelet band to fit Medium to Large wrists
  • M size: 2.5'' wide (when closed), USA size standard
  • L size: 2.8'' wide (when closed), USA size standard
  • Hypoallergenic jewelry - nickel and lead free
  • Hand polished | hand finished in USA
  • Designed by our team in Ethiopia and USA


Hand painted with precision to highlight a master craftsmanship, this bracelet can be worn in two ways to change your style. The diamond patterns are inspired from centuries-old, weaving traditions of the Dorze (Dor-zay) people, from Southern Ethiopia. Mostly known as highly specialized weavers, they were once fearsome warriors, who resorted to peaceful artistry. Their work of luxurious attire was once worn by royal families and dignitaries.  Read more on the product's story.

Wear this piece to remind you, You Are A Warrior!