Our Story

Yenaé (pronounced as Ye.Nay) is an online based, high-end fashion jewelry brand influenced by the rich culture and heritage of Africa. We aspire to create an experience for our shoppers by taking them on a journey inside Africa. We do this by creating exquisite jewelry collections inspired by deeply rooted African culture with a twist of modern design appeal. We work with historians and storytellers to learn about and share the stories of our collections and thus provide our shoppers with a curated offering. Our brand debuts by featuring two African Countries: our home Ethiopia and Eritrea, revealing their great heritage.

We create our collections through collaborations between the best of both worlds: a featured African country (to draw design inspirations directly from its rich culture and unique craftsmanship, and to source locally available unique resources), and the United States (to fuse modern design appeal and to manufacture our collections). Our curated stories are offered with a purchased piece, written on a meticulously designed note card and our website, found under each product description.

At Yenaé, we are focused on offering unique jewelries that give shoppers quality and affordable alternatives to fine jewelry. We put a lot of thought, attention and care into the collections we create, while maintaining focus on ensuring consistency and product safety. This extends to the way we form collaborations to source and manufacture our products and the stories behind product lines. We aim to grow our brand to expand our manufacturing base to Africa, the source for our brand’s product line inspirations. The name Yenaé is derived from Ethiopia’s native Amharic language and means ‘mine’, to signify ‘our experiences’ that we hope to share with you.


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